Floorwork Academy

Floorwork made simple.

If you have an interest in fluid, smooth, efficient floor movement


If you are pulling your hair looking for some structure and guidance... 


If you are tired of bookmarking 60-sec long Youtube tutorials without any improvement in your floor movement... 


If you start to understand that just because someone can do something does not mean they can teach it to you...


Then you are in the right place.

The Library

The largest library online


Hundreds of videos to increase your movement vocabulary and lay the foundations for sequencing and freestyling, as well as dozens of sequences to integrate them and dozens of drills to learn to improve your flow.

The pillars of Movement


Our different tutorials take you through an in-depth study of technical concepts – efficiency, momentum, transitioning, weight management, spirals of motion, techniques of improvisation – to improve your flow.

Strong and supple 


The strength, mobility and body awareness you will develop through this course can be used to sustain a standalone practice or complement your own, whether it is dance, movement, yoga, pole dance or aerials.

The Curriculum

Floor Vocabulary

Beginners / Improvers / Intermediates


Beginners / Improvers / Intermediates

In the library


Floorwork Moves


Soft Acrobatics



What is Floorwork?

Floorwork is a language.


The language of moving onto, out of and across the floor with fluidity and efficiency.





By learning how to move with efficiency, you will improve your relationship with the floor in all your movement practices, whether it's yoga, animal flow or dance.



Well-rounded body practice 

Floorwork is a versatile form of movement that recruits muscles and joint structures in a functional, organic way through a variety of stimuli and angles



Strength, mobility, agility  

While you learn and teach movements and sequences, you will naturally develop more strength and stability, better mobility in the key areas and become extremely agile.



The best of all worlds

This compendium takes and catalyses the best of all ground-based disciplines for a well-rounded, balanced movement.